Keynote Speaker

Over the past 30 years, Julie Laughton has shattered the glass ceiling as a highly successful woman in the male-dominated construction industry. With a background in design and architecture, Julie became a licensed general contractor and created a one-stop shop to provide all the necessary services for her luxury remodel and custom home clients (architectural plans, interior design, custom kitchens, management of five engineers, city submittals and permit pulling, and builds the home as both the general contractor and project manager).

She brings a wealth of wisdom, expertise, and captivating stories to the stage as a passionate communicator who has mastered the art of engaging audiences and delivering impactful keynote presentations.

Possible Topics: Each of these talks can be customized to fit your specific event or theme…

– “Shattering the Glass Ceiling in Your Industry”
– “Design Build Mastery: Lessons from 30 Years of Experience”
– “Seven Simple Steps to a Five Star Remodeling Experience”
– “Crafting Luxury: Designing High-End Homes with Flair and Functionality”
– “Providing a Five Star Experience to Highly Successful Clientele”

Design Build Expertise: Julie’s extensive background in design build sets her apart as a keynote speaker. Over the course of her impressive career, she has completed over 1,000 remodels and custom homes in affluent coastal communities such as Orange and LA County, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, as well as significant projects in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Pasadena. Her portfolio includes notable works like the restoration of the 1928 Wallace Neff home, featured in the movie “Monster-in-Law,” and the transformation of the English Tudor hilltop estate of Disney Imagineer Tony Baxter.

A Wealth of Wisdom: Julie’s 30 years of experience in the industry have equipped her with invaluable insights and practical knowledge. Her journey from studying architecture, landscape architecture, mechanical engineering, and interior design at Iowa State University to working for renowned architectural firms and top developers in Manhattan has given her a unique perspective on the design and construction world. Julie’s ability to navigate challenges, stay ahead of trends, and adapt to evolving industry practices makes her an exceptional source of wisdom for both professionals and enthusiasts.

Passionate Communicator: When Julie takes the stage, her passion for design build and storytelling shines through. Her genuine enthusiasm and love for her craft are infectious, captivating audiences from start to finish. With a dynamic speaking style, she effortlessly connects with individuals from diverse backgrounds, inspiring and empowering them to embrace creativity and pursue excellence in their own endeavors.

30 Years’ Worth of Stories: Julie’s extensive experience has provided her with a treasure trove of captivating stories. From the challenges faced during complex remodels to the triumphs achieved in bringing clients’ dream homes to life, her stories offer a glimpse into the world of design build like no other. Each story serves as a valuable lesson, demonstrating the power of perseverance, attention to detail, and the ability to overcome obstacles.

Book Julie Laughton as a Keynote Speaker: If you are seeking a keynote speaker who can educate, entertain, and inspire your audience, Julie Laughton is the perfect choice. Her 30 years of design build experience, wealth of wisdom, and passion for storytelling create a truly memorable and impactful speaking engagement. Whether you are organizing a conference, event, or workshop, Julie’s presence on stage will leave a lasting impression and provide attendees with valuable insights they can apply to their own lives and work.

To book Julie Laughton as a keynote speaker or to inquire about her availability, please contact Matt Brown.